The C. Jones Training Experience

About Us

C. Jones Training was created with the dream to "break down the stigma " of  Mental Health, Suicide and asking for help. After watching loved ones live with and loose their battle to Mental health and Suicide I decided I wanted to make a difference . I am doing this though  education and awareness around mental health and suicide. I am also studying to become a Counsellor to open up my own practice.

"I was sick of having to watch loved ones struggle, I wanted everyone to know, they are not alone. I know how alone living with a mental illness can make someone feel. I know how devastating it is to loose someone to suicide and dwell on what i could have done differently. "if only i had noticed the signs"  I didn't want anyone to have to experience that feeling. I know I cant 'save' everyone, but conversations, education and perseverance can save lives".

"My goal for C. Jones Training is to incorporate other training programs as well to focus on a holistic approach to community safety and unity. I know the system can be pretty shitty, and that in rural communities, we don't have as many services as those bigger cities, that's why I feel education and raising awareness within the wider community will be the biggest help. Many people in that 'dark' space just want to talk about it, and feel heard and feel validated, and that is my goal."

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Chantelle Jones
Owner of C. Jones Training

Our Values

At C. Jones training, we value unity, safety and compassion. Our logo is a visual representation of these three values.

The hand, represents compassion, a person reaching out to help someone.

The heart, represents safety, an individual handing over their heart for someone to hold while they regain their strength.

The circle, represents unity, One society, One town, One country, one planet. United in the fight against one of our biggest killers - silence.