1-Day workshop

Australia's only QIP Accredited Program for Suicide Intervention Training

What is CALM?

Learn how to understand, respond to and prevent suicide. An evidence based, Australian training program that empowers you to have a ‘CALM conversation’ about suicide, to reduce stigma, promote help seeking and save lives.
CALM empowers participants to recognise and respond to suicide risk, and to support someone through stages of positive intervention, the development of a safety plan, and linking to other services for further help. We deliver the training in a supportive, respectful and inclusive environment, accepting each individual’s differences, with consideration and adaptation for their culturally diverse needs.

CALM helps participants to:

  • Recognise the five signs of suicide

  • Make a positive connection

  • Hold the space and deeply listen

  • Develop a plan for strength and safety

What you will learn

  • Factors that contribute to suicide

  • How to recognise signs that someone may be thinking suicide

  • How and when to ask about suicide

  • How to listen to a person’s worries and stressors.

  • How to develop a plan to help the person stay strong and safe.

What you will receive

  • The CALM model to guide you through all four stages of an intervention

  • A 24-page Workbook including knowledge and skills to guide you through all stages of the conversation, including a list of National Helplines and Websites in Australia.

  • The “Be Calm” app that you can use during an intervention when you are supporting someone

  • The “Be Safe” app or worksheet for the person needing hope to create and record their safety plan

  • A wallet card to prompt and guide you during an intervention

  • Reading material to further your learning and development

  • A printed certificate of attendance

  • Presented by fully accredited and qualified CALM trainer

The Suicide Programs "CALM" workshop can be delivered either online (2 x 1/2 days) or face-to-face (1-Day)
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