Accidental Counsellor
1-Day Workshop

What is the Accidental Counsellor?

Accidental Counsellor is a skills based program that assists those who want to support or find themselves engaging with at risk people.
Sometimes when having a conversation, we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t know what to say or how to respond. Accidental Counsellor training will provide you with practical skills; whether you are talking to someone going through a difficult time, having relationship issues, not coping with life, or feeling helpless. This course will help you respond in a helpful and appropriate way. This course will engage you with captivating videos, audios, theories, and a 24-page workbook filled with practical information and exercises to consolidate your key learnings.
You will learn how to help someone identify their strengths, that assist them to manage their problems better, and easier. You will learn how to reframe their thinking to give them a different perspective on something that previously painted a negative picture.

What you will learn

  • Basic counselling skills

  • How to become a good listener

  • Resolving emotional situations

  • Know our own triggers

  • How not to take things personally

  • Recognising common communication blockers

  • How to handle difficult callers or conversations

  • How to handle difficult callers or conversations

  • An overview on mental illness

  • An awareness of self-harm and suicide

  • How to take care of yourself in the face of difficult work

  • Why professional boundaries are important

  • The power of Mindfulness

Learning Outcomes

  • Be familiar with basic communication skills and how to use them.

  • Understand the counselling process.

  • Develop strategies for dealing with people in crisis.

  • Learn the difference between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviours.

  • Know how and when to refer somebody who needs professional support.

  • Gain an overview of mental health and wellbeing as well as mental illness.

  • Recognise the need for self-care and develop ways of looking after yourself and others.

The Accidental Counsellor workshop can be delivered either online or face-to-face.
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