C. Jones Training currently offer 3 workshops
for details on each, click below

Our Current workshops 

We are currently offering 3 workshops!
Calm Care - suicide awareness program
CALM - suicide prevention/intervention program
Accidental Counsellor - learn how to communicate and navagate difficult conversations

All 3 workshops can be delivered online.  

CALM Care 1/2 Day workshop 

CALM 1-Day workshop 

Suicide intervention workshop. 

1-Day to Improve communication and navigate difficult conversations 

Support is always avaliable 

Suicide is a very heavy topic often coated with stigma, fear of judgement, shame and much more. Suicide is preventable. It is our mission to break the stigma around suicide, the myths of suicide, and educate people in the basic ways to change someones life who may be thinking of suicide.
At C. Jones Training, we encorage safe intentional conversations around suicicde in order to save lives. If you, or someone you know is struggling with suicide, contact
LifeLine, a free, confidential phone service for 27/7 ciris suport.